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Welcome to Conway Healthcare. With seven luxurious family owned care homes in Northern Ireland, we bring together the experience and expertise we have gained in more than 20 years providing residential healthcare.

Over our twenty years providing care in Northern Ireland, we have worked with leading healthcare professionals, consultants, residents and their families to continuously develop and update our care and service standards. As a result, our residents, along with their families and care professionals, tell us that they lead full, enriched and contented lives in a safe, comfortable and homely environment.

Conway Group Healthcare builds on this experience and feedback.

Standard of Care

The Conway family is proud of its twenty-year history of care. In all our facilities, the standard of care provided is second to none.

We understand just how important it is for our residents to live full and active lives, and to do so with dignity. We also understand the need to feel safe and secure.

Personalised Care

The Conway Group philosophy recognises that every client has different care needs, and we always put the emphasis on personalised care. Each resident will have their own structured individual care plan, developed after thorough assessment and in consultation with both residents and their representatives. Care plans are continually evaluated and updated over the course of their stay in each Care Home.

Personalised care plans will involve active therapy treatment and opportunities for recovery. Where possible, programmes will focus on active rehabilitation, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech and language therapy.


Conway Group Healthcare fully appreciates, abides and adheres meticulously to all Healthcare legislation and regulations.

Health and Safety Legislation is paramount – for the protection of both vulnerable people (of all ages) under our care, and for the protection and well-being of all staff.

The company strives to ensure that the high standards expected of the Regulation, Quality and Improvement Authority are met– and where possible exceeded!

Health Care Policy

Government policy will dictate the sweeping changes and development of health care delivery in Northern Ireland in the coming years.

The Review of Public Administration (RPA) will see major changes to how health and social services are governed here.

Conway Group will ensure that it is always up to speed in health care policy changes and development, and is primed and positioned to meet the independent health care needs of local communities, especially the most vulnerable individuals and groupings in society with the greatest need for care and dignity.

That is the measure of a civilised society – and Conway Group intends to play an integral and wide ranging role in ensuring those people in need of care are always treated with respect, dignity, understanding and compassion.